Saturday, 27 August 2016


 SORRY WE HAVE BEEN QUIET! We’ve been a wee bit busy over the last two months!

Though we have been getting a bunch of typical life stuff sorted, we've still managed to do some exploring around as usual. We have also been working super hard on our comics and getting ready to go the Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds this November, so we haven’t been being too lazy, maybe… *COUGH*

We recently went out to Old Harry’s Rocks on one of the hottest days I have ever had over here, but it was fantastic! Some of the photos from that day are below. WE SAW SOME SLEEPY PIGS ON THE WALK BACK. HOW CAN THERE BE ANY BETTER WAY TO FINISH SUCH A DAY

We have also been thoroughly sucked into the Pokemon Go craze and although the initial hype has calmed down a lot for us, we still play it whenever we go out somewhere for a long time, coz it's still pretty fun! It was very VERY neat to have been part of something like that as it really was like reliving my childhood all over again! Just finding a new Pokemon and going through the frustration of trying to catch and and fighting all the EXTREMELY frustrating technical issues is something I am going to forever remember. For almost two week we basically did no drawing! WHUPS! What also made it awesome was that Tasha and I were able to relive it together :) so in some ways we can still experience our childhood together, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER AFTERALL!

Tasha’s mum and sisters have been getting into it a lot as well (EVEN MORE SO THAN ME, AN OLD SCHOOL POKEMON NERD) and it’s been awesome to make some memories with them with it as well. I doubt our last Pokemon hunts will ever be our last >:D (Any photos in this where you see any of us looking at our phone, we are playing Pokemon… AHEM)

Over the summer, they have fireworks displays down at Poole Quay every Thursday night, we have only missed the first couple I think as we didn’t know about! They have been pretty amazing and actually a bit creative which is something I never used to see back in Whangarei. I have no idea how they managed to make a huge smiley face from just one firework! @0@ Of course, Pokemoning happens during this time with us all. We just can’t help it =w=

WE ALSO PURCHASED A NEW CAR! Her name is Sharon the Third (my last previous cars being Sharon and Sharon the Second). I can’t currently drive her as I am having to wait another month or so before I can exchange my NZ driving license for a UK one, so I’ve just been there twitching away in the passenger's seat like I have been for the past 830483 months. I SHALL WAIT A LITTLE BIT MOAR @W@

OH OH!! Some also extremely important news for everyone I’m sure is that I actually have access to a sushi bar that isn’t 2 hours drive away! A Yo-Sushi recently opened in Bournemouth and I’m in love, again @w@ Tash and I have said that we are going to limit our visits there to once a month as we tend do go a little overboard… AHEM… OKAY WE ARE A BIT GUILTY OF THIS BUT IT’S BECAUSE IT’S SUPER YUMMYYYYY!

There was also an Airshow at Bournemouth last weekend which was amazing to see, considering the only thing close to an airshow I have ever seen ever is the hospital helicopter flying over my house back in NZ. I can finally say I have seen a flying Spitfire, at last! I got to see the legendary Red Arrows in action as well as some other planes I couldn’t fit into here, such as some crazy people standing on top of biplanes and some other jet-like aircraft being tarts up in the sky. Also, the last aircraft down in the photos above (the jet-thing) was so incredibly powerful that you felt it’s rumble in your freakin’ stomach. It’s one of those thing that you just can’t give justice to in words, you have to experience it yourself to appreciate the power. It was the first time I’ve ever seen something break the sound barrier and create sonic booms also… EVIDENCE BELOW-

Now on a bit more of a serious note:

There has been a lot of concern over my well-being in the UK with the recent Brexit and terrorist attacks over in France, but I want everyone to know I am doing FINE.

Though the Brexit has been a big shock, and the British economy is darting all over the place, the fact is that the future of Britain is uncertain, but that doesn’t have a direct affect on me. It’s to do with the relationship between the UK and Europe, not New Zealand or other commonwealth countries. In fact there are rumours that the UK want to improve their relationship with New Zealand now that they don’t have ties to Europe. Yes the pound has dropped, but so has the New Zealand dollar, so in reality it’s not had any influence on my situation at ALL.

In regards to terrorist attacks, it is very unlikely they will have any interest in a fishing town, Poole’s main attraction are red squirrels and a large harbour. Other than that, I can hardly see any terrorists wanting to attack Poole as much as they would want to attack Whangarei.
The attacks are in Europe, but Europe is huge, and at the end of the day what is the point of living life if you don’t take chances to actually live it? We can’t live in fear of the ‘what ifs’ we have to live for the now.

I have no plans of coming back to New Zealand any time soon, I’m not having to move away because of finances, or terrorists. I am extremely happy here with Tasha, we take care of each other, and Tasha’s family give me a huge amount of support too. I don’t care for people’s gossip or scare-mongering, so I would appreciate it if people held themselves back from telling those who care about me these lies and let me live my life.

That’s what we have been up to recently! We’ll try and make more of an effort to update this at least once a month instead of never from now on. I am currently working on something super secret for Beefpaper which I will announce in a month or so, so if you are a reader of Beefpaper and read this blog, lucky you >U>


Thursday, 7 July 2016


WHUPS! We got a little caught up in life and forgot to update the blog with our Ireland trip adventures… WHUPS! XD About a month ago, we spent 5 days in Ireland with Tasha's grandma, and here are those happenings!
The trip started in the early hours of the morning, right after Tasha's mum picked us up at 4:30am to head to the airport, then from there, you guessed it! We took the plane to Ireland :D picked up our hire car and OFF WE WENT!

The first stop was super interesting, there is this old Manor House on the way to Kells where one of my ancestors died in. The house is called Headford Court, we waited outside for a while until we managed to pounce on one of the grounds keepers to ask permission to walk the grounds and take a look around. He was super cool about it, and we ended up accidentally taking his dog for a walk on our way around! Here I also discovered that IRISH PEOPLE ARE SUPER FRIENDLY AND SUPER HELPFUL

Afterwards we went straight to Kells, where the Book of Kells was kept for hundreds of years after completion. If you don't know what that is, take a look at this link:
Tasha and I wanted to head to Kells after seeing the animation "Secrets of Kells" which features the tower that is seen there. The history isn't a pleasant one, as it's about many of the Irish fleeing Viking invasions, a lot of people were sadly slaughtered, and you can see remnants of their past dotted around Ireland.

After stopping off at a cute little Cafe for some lunch, we continued on with our journey towards Castlebar! We decided to go there because that's where a lot of Tasha and Jill's ancestors came from, and we are hoping to find a lead to their past! One the way there, we came across a lot of old, abandoned houses that nature had reclaimed. I was shocked at the volume of them! But given the history of Ireland, where the population dropped from 8 million to only 3 million (LESS THAN NEW ZEALAND) It's hardly surprising.
Once in Castlebar, we checked in at the bed and breakfast, before exploring the area for more food! We searched high and low for a good restaurant, or pub, but gave up and just got some food from Tesco XD we were all tired so didn't want to wait around for food. Tasha and I grabbed some make-shift wraps while Jill had a prawn cocktail. We fell asleep soon afterwards after having a long day. Though the night was unsettled because of REASONS. It was a little too loud in the bedroom so Tasha and I decided to make camp on the bathroom floor...WHO KNEW COLD HARD TILES COULD BE SO COMFY? We actually got about 10 hours sleep!

The next day, we packed up, checked out, and made our way to the Irish Country Life Museum We tried to get there the day before, but we arrived just as it closed! Jill wanted to go there in hopes to find a link to their family tree, that perhaps someone might know the surname 'Burke' and where to find them. Turns out that there is a genealogy group that has a meeting there once a month at 11:30, and also turned out that we happened to be there at the exact day they held those meetings! Jill was super chuffed at that She got to have a small meeting with them while Tasha and I learnt more about the history of Ireland, specifically the Castlebar area. Tasha and I then decided to sneak into the meeting to see how Jill was doing, Tasha also asked a bunch of questions in hopes to find more information on my great grandmother, who came from Ireland. We managed to find out quite a few good sites we need to check out, and the Irish lady also recommended a few great tips to help us along the way! So fingers crossed, we might find some more information on my family and their life in Ireland.

Once we had finished, we decided to continue on our journey towards Clifden. Neither of us had family from there, but it looked pretty awesome, so we thought we'd do a stop off. The lady at the B&B we stayed at also recommended for us to check out Kylemore abbey, so that's exactly what we did. Though unfortunately when we arrived, it wasn't too far off closing time, so we decided to head to the next B&B and visit there the next day.

The drive to Clifden was breath-taking, we honestly didn't expect to see much diversity in the landscape, but all it took was a turn in the road to be exposed to a vista of mountains, much like what you'd expect to see in the Scottish highlands! Streams and rivers snaked their way through the landscapes, mottled clouds drifted through the sky and the rain-soaked fields clung to low-hanging mists. We stopped off at a spot where an abandoned home sat, it's worn walls draped with climbers among exposed bricks and grass. A small waterfall ran down the hill it was beside, feeding into a stream and in turn, fed into a river. We decided to take a break and climb our way down alongside the bridge we just crossed, the river flowed underneath, its sound could be heard as it stroked over smooth river-bed rocks, wrapping us in a blissful moment of serenity.

Spending only about 15 minutes there to soak in the atmosphere, we continued on our way.
We got to Clifden and checked into our B&B. Then we headed straight back out again in search for more food. We found a really neat restaurant by the quayside that had AMAZING food, in HUGE portions. The day ended with rain and a quick trip to the supermarket to buy a picnic for the next day, the evening was also filled with Irish music that swept into the streets from open doors and windows of the local pubs which was nice. Afterwards we headed straight to bed where Tasha and I slept like very tired rocks!

When we woke the next day, we decided to have breakfast at Kylemore Abbey to save time, though we arrived there a little too early and had to wait around in the rain for a bit before they opened their restaurant doors. There were a couple of other tourists who clearly had the same idea as us, because as soon as the doors opened we all poured inside, the welcoming smell of breakfast washed over us, making us even more eager to sit down and eat. We all settled for scones, which were literally the size of a child's head...The Irish certainly know how to make baked goods. Everything there was homemade and looked delicious, I'd recommend visiting the abbey just for the food.

Now very well fed, we made our way up to the gardens and Abbey, which is situated at the foot of a mountain, neighbouring a lake. The setting was very tranquil, just being there, you can understand why they chose that spot to build a home. Other that the sound of passing tourists, trickling streams and birds singing, there was complete silence. No cars or planes, just peacefulness. It would have been amazing to have seen Kylemore in it's prime time!
We spent about 4 hours wandering the grounds before heading to our next destination, Galway!
Galway was by far my (Shane! :D) highlight of the whole trip. The town itself was just so kooky, beautiful and it had so much character! Have a looksie at the photos to see what I’m on about.

But really, it’s one of those things you have to see to really appreciate. We had a good walk around the city center (getting a little wet from the storm cloud that were looming over us when we first arrived but soon disappeared as the day went on). We also stopped off to have lunch at a truly awesome little cafe called Fat Freddy’s which had wallpaper and posters and stuff up of of the comic Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, mainly featuring the cat of Fat Freddy. I had admittedly never heard of this comic (let alone read it) but I just loved the feel of the place, being the big comic nerd I am. AND the food was super nummy too, so WIN WIN! :D

While there, we also went to the church there which was one of the most amazing churches I have ever seen (and considering I am in England, I have seen a few now). Again, it is one of those things that you need to see to appreciate as the camera simply does not catch the atmosphere of it all…

Soon after, we did the full round circle and went all the way back to Dublin! I do have to admit that I don’t really have amazing memories of Dublin for a few reasons…
The first being within an hour being there, someone tried to steal my hat directly off my head, which I actually made a comic about! As it shows in the comic, Tasha got rid of the guy fairly swiftly and all was well afterwards. The second reason I didn’t particularly like it there as it was quite a dirty place and, like London, it has far too many people packed into one tiny place. I swear that 90% of people in Ireland are within Dublin itself. I’m sure if there weren’t so many people there I would of liked it more but how we saw it I wouldn’t want to go back there in a great hurry. The other reason I didn’t enjoy it there was because I was feeling sick during the whole time we were there but you can hardly blame Dublin for that.

The first thing we did was scoff down some MASSIVE pancakes (trust me, they taste a lot nicer going down than coming back up DX) but still yummy none the less! After building up our energy, when headed directly into the heart of Dublin to find the Trinity College where they were holding The Book Of Kells which was housed in the tower at the town Kells we visited on day one, funnily enough. Sadly, we couldn't get any photos of the book itself for preservation reasons, but we were able to look at the library afterwards.

Soon after that, we had a good walk around in the rain while trying to figure out how to get to Saint Patrick's Cathedral because I'm petty sure it's illegal to go to Dublin and not see it. Again, another AMAZING cathedral and again, you have to really be there to fully appreciate it all fully, atmosphere and all. There were lots of signs warning us of pickpockets in the cathedral, which was odd considering you do have to pay a bit to actually get in there. I can only presume that the pickpockets are the statues who silent rummage around in your pockets while you are mesmerised by looking at the stain glass windows or something.

After finding another cute little cafe to have a rest at (and for me to get rid of some yuck stuff in my tummy) we decided that we were all getting a little tired and decided walk along River Liffey to head back to the car and drive back to the airport. While we were there, the shooting at the Orlando gay bar just happened, and it was awesome to see that they had rainbow flags along the river at half mast to show respect to the victims and their families.

A few hours later of getting stuck in some quiet unpredicted Dublin traffic and dropping the car off, we were back on the plane back to Dorest! there's no place like home... X3

Sunday, 5 June 2016

END OF WEEK 11 & 12!


Last weekend we went to a place called Stourhead since we now have easy access to all the National Trust places after becoming members. We picked one of the best days to pick for it, totally blue skies! We took 5683472846 photos while there, but the property was so HUGE and awesome (POINTS TO PHOTOS BELOW) you can understand why I went a little nuts! It’s was one of those days where you had to be there to appreciate the beauty and history of the location. If you don’t know what Stourhead is, have a quick read up here. The history behind just the house itself is really amazing, and the stories of the people who lived there are pretty fascinating. 

There is even a natural spring and obelisk there, including the odd structure or two that isn’t really talked about online, such as the one where some truly sexy devil doing a squat in front of >:D it's an old well about 30 minutes walk from the main gardens (it’s also shown on the second the last photo of the second lots of photos on this post) which indicates the start of the Stour River. We spent a good 6 hours there in total, yes, there is THAT much to see! We even saw a little nest of Moorhens there too which was neat surprise. A grown moorhen looks very similar to a Pukeko from NZ!
Seriously I could go on about that place but I better not… XD

Since we didn’t ruin our feet enough that weekend, we decided to head to Southampton for several reasons: Forbidden Planet (a nerdy shop), Ed’s Easy Diner (an American style diner which looks like it has been ripped straight out of Happy Days) and most importantly, YO SUSHI!! I admit that I have really missed sushi since moving over here, and Yo Sushi is one of the places that does sushi similar to what I really enjoyed back in NZ (But it's super expensive >_o).

We ate quite a good amount of sushi, to put it lightly, but it was worth it as it scratched my sushi itch very VERY nicely! Just before that however, we had ‘breakfast’ at Ed’s and had a MASSIVELY NAUGHTY Nutella milkshake for breakfast!! I swear those things are 1000% of your recommended daily intake of sugar, but it was a treat, like the whole day to be honest… UwÚ
The Forbidden Planet in Southampton is the closest one to us, other than London, and I absolutely LOVE it there, cause I’m a big fat nerd, JUST LIKE TASHA!! :D You can see our things that we brought from there, including our new facehugger plush that we have named Fluffykins, based on something from this comic made by Tasha recently, it’s the fifth question down in it! She is happy and healthy. We feed her many faces to keep her in tip top shape! :D
Oh, and the photo of the damaged building above is a church in Southampton that was constructed in 1320, it was damaged during World War 2 by German bombing. I just the amount of history this country holds is really amazing to me...

AAAAAAAAND, speaking of sushi, we really felt like some more, so we just went and made our own yesterday as we have pure skill. Well, Tasha made most (ALL) of it while I professionally documented the procedure like David Attenborough. BUT BOY WAS IT ALSO SUPER YUMMY!! We were both starving as we were making them, but I really could not eat anything else when we were done with them. I have instructed Tash to make them for me everyday because I am totally the boss of her, we all know that right?   -UwU-

AAAAAAAAAAAAND today, we went to the amazing Corfe Castle! That place really doesn’t have some nice history, but it’s not all bad, kinda...  XD Just knowing that 22 people starved to death in the the castles dungeon which you end up walking close by, is a very unusual feeling, as you can imagine. The castle has been sieged, bought, had kings and queens stay there, but if you wanna read up on it all of it can be found on the web

There was also a falconier show which we accidentally got to just as it started (we always seem to time these things up perfectly). One of the falcons came ‘this’ close to taking out Tasha as it flew down past the crowd and it very nearly clipped the person who was sitting in front of us. The falconers did say that the falcons would come down close to the crown, but not THAT close!! Incredible animals they are, and I really wouldn’t want to have one of them hunting me if I was a small creature!

Other than that, we have been putting in a really good ammount of effort to our comics! I have been pushing the limits of what I thought I could do when it comes to animating in my comics and I do think that people will enjoy the comics that will be posted over the next few weeks to come. Tash has also been working like a little beast to get her buffer up for all her comics because of our upcoming trip to Ireland on Friday which will be super awesoooooome! Expect ten thousand photos for the next blog post because of that!

In total, we have done 62,362 footsteps the last two weeks and why we are both losing weight around our tummies despite some seriously bad milkshake eating!
Oh, and over the last few weeks we have been playing a stupid game to see how many Mini’s (you know, the car) we can see each week… we are normal, HONEST. Our highscore is currently 271… WOOOO! We aren’t allowed to count the same Mini once we have seen it, so each Mini we count must not be one we have seen before. I’m sure we have counted the odd Mini more than once now and again, but we tend to forget what number we are at the beginning at each day and revert back to a number that we both remember from the day before, so it’s a good system!  XD

That’s pretty much it I think! We’ll see you guys in about two weeks or so! <3

That dude in the background has totally been caught digging for gold...

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


WHUPS! I really overshot the blog post for the last two weeks! My bad! I have no real excuse! >0< We have done many things over the last two weeks! Not a heck of a lot of exploring mind you, but stuffs!

We went to the Tank Museum for a day with Tasha’s littlest sister Triniti and Tasha’s nephew Cody which was a blast! I have never seen a tank close before, let along whole bunch they had there from all over the world and different times, from WW1 to modern times! It’s one thing watching documentaries on them and actually seeing them in real life. Being able to physically compare an American Sherman tank to a German King Tiger was such an eye opener to me. Thank heavens that those times have gone, and I have so much respect to all those people who went out and fought for us so we can have the lives we have now… It’s funny how so many people treat their lives like rubbish when I’m sure any of those men would have traded anything to be out of those situations they got put in to be in our shoes right now… ANYHOW, it was still very fascinating to see! We actually spent a good 5-6 hours there, which just flew by!

It was recently Tasha’s sisters birthday (EMILYYYYYYYYY!) the weekend before last and we had a super nummy BBQ for lunch. Tasha took control of the BBQ and we spent a good hour trying to get the coal for it going, using about 6042 fire-lighters in the process. It eventually got going in the end and everyone gobbled down everything super quickly as we were all starving and then we all just sat down and died from sleepiness afterwards, which is by far the best way to celebrate a birthday if you ask me!

ALSO, we are going to Ireland in about two week for about five days! We are mainly going to look at some places where Tasha’s ancestors lived many moons ago. There were a couple of places there where my ancestors came from but we had to cross them off the list as the places were either too far off the main course or we just didn’t have enough information about the places to make going there worth it. Next time maybe! So, expect a few Ireland photos in a few weeks time!

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it (there being buttons on the menu for it on this blog) I highly suggest that you check out Tasha’s comic Hoi Butt which has been updating like mad recently with comics about her and I. They are kinda mushy, especially the most recent one, but I totally love them so much! LOVE THEM!! >w<

Tash and I have also recently signed up for Lootcrate because we are total freakin’ nerds. If you don’t know what Lootcrate is, it’s basically a package that gets sent to you month that contains a bunch of nerdy stuff depending on a theme, so totally up our alley! I have wanted to do it for a while but I have never done it, but that has all changed! The only dumb thing about it is that there is only one t-shirt per month in it and so we will have to change it from male to female each month so we can share the shirts evenly over the months. AH, FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.
The first crate we got had an ice mould for a twenty sided dice, a photo of which can be found below somewhere!

Apart from all that gumpf, I’ve still been looking for jobs and getting no good bites as they all seem to be through recruiting companies which I have learned you can’t trust over here XD I shall persist though! We also spent nearly all weekend hammering out comics as it was super rainy and therefore perfect snuggling up and drawing weather! :D

I’ve also been having major craving to play Star Wars Battlefront more and more so I have recently been asking Tasha to hide it from me so I can’t play it when she heads off to work. However, I have accidentally found it twice already within a week, so if anyone wants to play a game of hide and seek with Tasha don’t expect anything too epic. You’ll just be disappointed.

I also watched the movie Labyrinth for the first time ever (which is funny because I recently got a t-shirt for Labyrinth from Lootcrate and got a Labyrinth comic from free comic book day!) and I don’t know how I hadn’t! It has David Bowie as the main villain! HOW HAD I NOT SEEN IT!!  DX< We also watched the live action Super Mario Bros movie which was beyond crazy but I thought it was great, but that was to be expected. This is all you need to see to understand what I mean.
We have also been Geocaching again for the first time in a while and not doing too badly if I don't say so myself UwU I am also now leaving behind some old Beefpaper cards in some caches we find if I can as pictured. >:3

I’ll update this blog again just before we head to Ireland before the 10th of June! :D

Monday, 9 May 2016


HEY HEY! It’s been two weeks since I updated this thang! It was mainly because week 7 was rather uneventful and just full of boring life stuff that everyone does so we thought we would combine week 7 and 8 into one nice, juicy, plump update.

We went back to Bloxworth to see the bluebells again now that they are fully out! It was pretty awesome, the first thing we saw was a HUGE herd of wild deer! But they disappeared off into the forest once we started to approach the entrance D:

Last time we were there, we saw a bunch of tadpoles in puddles, the weather has been warming up a lot recently, so this time we decided to take a container, and spent about 30 minutes fishing out tadpoles from all these puddles that were drying up into a larger one in hopes that more will survive!

Afterwards we popped in to see the family, and I'm starting to notice a common occurrence every time I go there...Squealer (one of their cats) REALLY enjoys using me as a perch! She'll keep meowing until I pick her up and she will just climb on my shoulders and stay there until Tasha peels her off me XD

 It was free comic book day on Saturday so Tash and I waddled down to one of the comic shops in town and grabbed a whole bunch of comics for free because they were freeeeeee! :D It was nice to be able to actually partake in it for the first time ever as back in New Zealand I would of had to travel 2 hours just to find a comic shop, but now it feels like the world is just outside my doorstep and I love it! I also just love the feeling that the comic community exists physically rather just just in cyberspace. *LOTS OF GOOD FEELS STIRRING ON THE INSIDE*  >w<

There were also super tall storm troopers there which just made me feel like one big fat nerd instead of a skinny tall nerd I normally am.

Yesterday we went back to the New Forest which I haven’t been to since I was over here last September, and it was just as awesome as last time. It’s just so pretty and huge and there are so many little things all over the place to find. Tash and I walked deeper into the forest than any other walkers (most of the people were on bikes, weeeeeeak) and it was just so tranquil and dead quiet. All we could hear was the wind through the trees. We decided to take a short break by a little tiny stream and munched on our lunch, because we were so quiet, we didn't notice a whole bunch of deer standing close by. We got up to leave and they just bounded by us and hopped off into the distance! It was so random but just amazing! I would go back there every week if I could, the only trouble is it takes a while to drive there  DX

Also, one of the photos on this blog shows a weird pattern on a tree trunk. That's from one of the New Forest ponies having a munch on it! Some of the patterns they make are awesome although not very good for the trees.

Afterwards we walked back (only after getting a little bit lost) to the car only to get a bit of a shock. When we arrived that morning there must of been about 15 cars in the car park, but when we got back, I would not be surprised if there was close to 150 cars bumper to bumper all around the area! Something I am learning from being here is to get to places early and beat the crowds!

Something that is kinda good and bad is that I have to go get some work done on my teeth today which is eh but what I was surprised to see is the cost is so much less over here because I am a member of the National Health Service (NHS) over here. The cost of just one filling over in NZ would have cost me about £60 or about $130 NZ dollars where £50 over here gets the all done. It’s not good that I need a couple of fillings done at all but that was still quite a nice surprise considering!

We also recently found a Puss Moth by complete mistake (I was just walking from the car to the fence to look at the view because… I like views?) and I almost stepped on it. Tash has never seen one before as well, so I guess they must be fairly rare! It clung onto Tasha’s hand with its feelers and it really didn't want to let go, poor little thing  XD It’s caterpillar form is very cool looking to, have a look!

We also got our haircut a week ago which was well needed. Tash got her hair cut super cute (we all know she is cute enough anyway, it's just backing that cuteness) and I got mine cut about the same length as I always get it cut...boring XD 
More shots of us can be found on our Instagram if you really want to be a nosy nelly.

Other than that we have just been hammering out comics like nobodies business and getting out to enjoy the weather which appears to have gone straight from winter to summer overnight! It suddenly went from wearing two pairs of socks to shirt and shorts weather over the weekend! The sun isn't setting until just after 8pm and rising around 5am. Not complaining though! Just means more time outside for adventuring!!